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Vogel & Noot: Finance under new management

By April 2016 Dr. Aniko Laczó Berenyi assumes the function of the Group CFO of the "M & IG...

TechAgro 2016 again a success

During its more than 20-years existence, TECHAGRO with its exhibition area of 70.000 m²developed to...

What do Formula 1 and the new mounted plough ©plus Helios 400 have in common?

It is the passion for the best result. It is the lifeblood, which is in every little detail of the...

Vogel&Noot products

Vogel&Noot offers a customer-oriented product range from ploughing up to seeding. More and more successfull cultivation farmers and companies trust into Vogel&Noot and treasure the price-performance ratio.

Innovative products with excellent detailed solutions form the basis for success!

Ploughs Cultivators Compact disc harrows
Subsoilers Rotary harrows Seed drills
Shredders Field sprayers Seedbed combinations