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The 4 best ploughmen from Upper-Austria are Vogel & Noot ploughmen!

The best ploughmen from Upper-Austria won the category “mounted reversible ploughs”with Vogel &...

Hot weather – hot shows in Hungary

Many visitors were interested in the major Vogel & Noot machines and visited the field...

Ukraine – Zhytomyr in the sign of Vogel & Noot

Second round for „Technotorg“ sales training on 15 August. This time in Zhytomyr.

Vogel&Noot products

Vogel&Noot offers a customer-oriented product range from ploughing up to seeding. More and more successfull cultivation farmers and companies trust into Vogel&Noot and treasure the price-performance ratio.

Innovative products with excellent detailed solutions form the basis for success!

Ploughs Cultivators Compact disc harrows
Subsoilers Rotary harrows Seed drills
Shredders Field sprayers Seedbed combinations